Sunday, July 3, 2016

It's Time for the 4th Annual Summer of Subscribers!

Dear Subscribers,
The 6th year of AIMeM has been a huge success all thanks to you, our wonderful readers! Along with the publication of "Reality Check", our weekly reach is now approaching 200 people! Thank you so much for helping us reach this stage.

Summer has begun and we are once again running our annual Summer of Subscribers (SOS) project. For those of you who don't remember from last year, or are new subscribers, here is how SOS works: Every year during the summertime, we set aside a few weeks for subscribers to submit their own Divrei Torah. Between now and Elul, contact us with your Dvar Torah and we will post it to the AIMeM blog. This is your chance to have your Dvar Torah sent out and read by almost 200 people! Divrei Torah can be written in someone's memory or honor, or just to share your Torah thoughts with the world.

A list of the available weeks will be shown at the end of this email. If you are interested, please let us know anytime between now and the week you are interested in. (The earlier the better! Latest time to reserve a spot is the Wednesday morning of that week.) You don't need to worry about editing, posting, or any of the technical stuff, that will all be taken care of. For more information, please ask.

We hope that everyone will get involved in this project. We enjoy it because it helps us get a better idea of the style of Divrei Torah our readers prefer, while also allowing our readers to share their thoughts with the general readership. Not to mention the Summer vacation we receive!

We are very excited to offer you the same zchus we have each week, the opportunity to share words of Torah with people all over the world.

Thank you for your continued support and have a wonderful summer!

Available Parshiyos (CHUL parshiyos in parentheses): (and the Tuesday date of that week- Wednesday morning is the latest time to reserve)
Parshas Chukas (Korach)          (July 5)
Parshas Balak    (Chukas)         (July 12)
Parshas Pinchas (Balak)           (July 19)
Parshas Mattos   (Pinchas)        (July 26)
Parshas Masei   (Mattos-Masei)  (August 2)
Parshas Devarim                      (August 9)
Tisha Bav                                (August 9)   
Parshas Vaeschanan                (August 16)
Parshas Eikev                         (August 23)
Parshas Re'eh                         (August 30)
Parshas Shoftim                     (September 6)

For any questions, comments, or to subscribe to our email list, please email is at

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